sometimes I make random drawings on my notebook or any other piece of paper that I would like to keep for future generations xP. That’s why I decided to add this section. Keep in mind that some of them are not your average ‘smiley face’ drawings. They’re weird xp.

20120501-074151 a.m..jpg Cat from the back and horse leg… what was I thinking ? O.o

20120501-074047 a.m..jpg
As if that weren’t enough, I drew this Dino-choccobo. First it had no head and I thought for some bizarre reason that it was perfect then my logic came and ruined it by adding a head: never thought that THAT would come up U.u

Playing with my heart

This Started as some random doodle (same as 99% of what you see here) and ended up being a very (I consider) Nice drawing of a heart. It’s actually way better then some garbage I see that they call “Art”. It’s funny because I took this picture when I was going to a couples or parenting group/course/class with my former BF. Yep. I was in love at that time.

I have no idea what was going on at this time :S. I think I was in my freshmen year and I literally got bored in the middle of a presentation of some sort hehehe. But it’s kinda funny xP


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