About me

Hello, world!
I live in Tijuana, México. It’s very close to the state of California in USA.
I studied my bachelor’s degree in Language Teaching.
I speak English, Spanish, French, and I more less know Japanese.
My blog is in Spanish because I have been writing in it before I entered the University so my fluency in English towards writing was not as developed as this moment. I currently work at a private school teaching English and French.
I also started this crazy hobby which is musical theater and has helped me in making new friends and being more active.
I like Languages, Video games, Dance Dance Revolution, technological topics in general. I also like movies and chocolates XP.

Mexican food is my favorite! I just LUV IT!!!!! I missed it so much when I went to France. I mean, French food is good, VERY GOOD, but Mexican cuisine has that zesty flavor you just can’t get out of you so easily.

Mostly the topics that I write about in this blog are about my career and the poor life choices I make. It also includes rage post against the education system and the economy.

I do also mention my love life (poor life choices most of the time as well) and my favorite is to write about my traveling adventures that make me really, really, REALLY happy.

If you need the English version of some of my posts you can check here for more. Sometimes depending on how I’m feeling or the event is the language I use so keep in touch with both blogs!

Hope you have fun reading my disastrous life!




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